Greenfields Care  - suppliers of pet grooming pet care accessories and gifts - for over 12 years.


Greenfields Care products are available to purchase direct from leading veterinary clinics, pet retailers and boutiques around the world, and are now available from our Online Shop


Undeniably synonymous with premium grooming cosmetics, as well as their devotion to the well being of pets, Greenfields Care offers only the finest selection of pet care products, natural ingredient-infused pet grooming products.


Greenfields have dedicated their talents, passion and creativity to designing and crafting a new range of distinctively stylish, elegant and wholesome pet products.

At the core of the Greenfields philosophy lies the unsurpassed commitment to quality. This, enhanced by the spirit of innovation, is instrumental in creating desirable articles of understated luxury.


Each year Greenfields Care will support the conservation efforts of an environmental group or project, through creating more public awareness to safeguard the future of our world and the life it holds. For more information see our Conservation page.